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St Cuthbert's, Hebron

Love, Grow, Serve and Go!


Our Story

Mitford and Hebron Benefice is a diverse, inclusive, welcoming Christian community with people of all ages, seeking to worship in ways that reflect the needs of our whole church; using the distinct strengths of each of our church buildings to provide a wide range of services, both contemporary and traditional.

In striving to become more like Jesus, we want to grow

· numerically as we welcome new members into our faith community.

· spiritually, as we seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus.

· in servanthood, as together we seek to bless our communities and do all we can to give the people around us a chance to meet with Jesus.

Upcoming Events

Church Cross


Sunday 2nd June 4pm

Giving Holy Communion

Holy Communion

Sunday 9th June 10am


Join us for our

Monthly Prayer Gathering
First Saturday of the Month

Our Next Prayer Gathering will be on Saturday 1st June at 10am

Who's Who at Hebron Church


Mr Sean Fugill

Mrs Janet Robinson

Mr Richard Addison

Mr James Roff

Mr Ian Craigs

Mrs Bev Morris (Secretary)

Mrs Carol Thompson (Treasurer)

Mrs Sarah Mills

Mrs Ann Attwood

Mr Nigel Jobson

Mrs Janice Robinson

Mr Dick Quimby

Mrs Isabel Quimby (PSO)

Churchwarden and Verger

Benefice Administrator

Pastoral Care

Visit us

St Cuthbert's Church
NE61 3LA

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