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St John the Baptist, Meldon

A Hidden Gem in Britain's ' Doubly Thankful Village'

A tiny but Beautiful Place of Worship in gorgeous and peaceful surroundings.  St John the Baptist Church is used for special occasions and fifth Sundays.


Our Story

Meldon Church is an occasionally used Church in the Upper Wansbeck Group of Churches and shares oversight with St Andrew's, Hartburn.

Our style of services tends to mirror the above aspects of beauty, tradition and community.
Traditional Music is very important and we are blessed with a fine organist. Similarly, the liturgyy is based on the traditional BCP, although beyond that, (and the music),  we are not ‘high church’.

Upcoming Events

Details of services will appear here

Giving Holy Communion

Holy Communion

Sunday 30th June


What we Offer

Here at Hartburn we are committed to serving our wider community through regular worship services and care to all our neighbours. we have a thriving Community Project that serves the locality with regular lunch clubs, film nights, musical events and much more!  Embracing its rich history, the church remains an open and welcoming place of rest and refuge for all people, locals and visitors alike!  You can find lots of detail about the history inside the church. 

Who's Who at Meldon Church

Mrs Louise Spriggs
Mr Micahel Spriggs
Mr Peter Cookson
Mrs Dorothy Burn
Mr John Dickson (Treasurer)
Mrs Pooh Stafford

Visit us

St John the Baptist Church,NE61 4JB 
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