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Welcome to the Mitford and Hebron and Upper Wansbeck Group of Churches.  Our Group of churches is headed up by Revd Elaine Jones and ably assisted by Associate Lay Minister Mrs Pam Walker and a fabulous team of gifted Readers, Authorised Lay Ministers, Retired and Self Supporting Priests and a range of  other incredibly skilled Volunteers across the seven churches that we serve together.  Whichever church you visit, you will be guaranteed to recieve a warm and hospitable welcome from all. 


Our Story

Since December 2022, the Benefice of Mitford and Hebron and The Upper Wansbeck Benefice (Whalton, Bolam, Hartburn, Meldon and Netherwitton) have been working informally with a shared full time priest and part time associate lay minister.  This has enabled us to provide a wide range of worship services across the communities and variety of styles of ministry to the people who we serve.  This Relationship has joyfully expanded our already diverse team of volunteers already serving God in the community and given us a platform to continue to see the love of God shared and transformation in the places we call home - we would love you to come and join in with this exciting new story of God's Vibrant Church in our beautiful corner of Northumberland. 

Our Team

Here at Mitford, Hebron and the Upper Wansbeck Group of Churches we have a fabulous team of gifted lay and ordained ministers who serve across the board.  Our team lead a range of services throughout the year and are vital in keeping our communities worshipping on a regular basis.

Mrs Pam Walker

Associate Lay Minister

Revd Paul Rusby

Clergy with PTO

Mrs Liz Hawkins


Mrs Rachel Counden

Authorised Lay Minister

Revd Roger Mills

Retired Clergy

Mrs Janice Robinson


Dr John Laurenson


Revd John Rowley

Retired Clergy

Mr Sean Fugill


Mr Paul Kidd


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