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Our Woodland Toddlers is a child centered approach to learning in the outdoor world. Through having regular opportunities to be outside in the woods/ church garden your child is able to learn not only knowledge but also, perhaps more importantly, socially, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. The children are encouraged to make their own decisions within a supported, nurturing outdoor environment; leading their own ‘hands on’ play within the natural world. The values of looking after self, others and the environment are fundamental to each session.


What we think about risk.

We live in a risk filled world and through playing and learning outside at Woodland Toddlers we believe that children are able to better understand and control the risks they wish to take; learning to enjoy their environment more safely. The risks are managed by you the parents/ carers with the support of the organising leader, so that children can build confidence in the risk assessing process at an appropriate age and individual ability.

Your child will be encouraged to take age appropriate risks as an important part of their learning. Through challenge children build resilience, problem solving skills and self-belief, and Woodland Toddlers encourages the children to be creative and try new things out


Adults Role at Woodland Church

Even within child led sessions the role of the adult is vital. To make our Woodland Toddler Group work we need the support of you the parents/ carers. Firstly we require you to enjoy being with your child (ren) in the outdoors and help support them in exploring the world around them; the children can lead their learning within the safety of supportive adult guidance. The Woodland Toddler Group organisers will help to provide additional learning opportunities within the session. These adults are suitable to the role including DBS clearances and adequate First aid qualifications/ experience within to the outdoor environment.


It will be important that you and your child are adequately equipped for spending sessions outdoors, which means they need to be prepared for being outside in all weathers for the full length of each session. Appropriate clothing is vital to the level of fun which you and your child will have, as well as the need to keep them safe. A list of clothing is below. Please speak to one of our group organisers if you have any issues linked with providing the desired clothing so we can make appropriate arrangements. Please note clothing is likely to become muddy, wet and even ripped. With this in mind please make sure that the clothing worn is not at all precious!

· Long sleeved top

· Several layers which can be removed or replaced/ hoodie is always useful

· Sturdy footwear: eg. wellies / walking boots or shoes

· Warm socks/ spare socks

· Warm trousers/ leggings – jeans are not suitable as they become a nuisance if wet.

· Waterproof trousers

· Waterproof coat

· Gloves

· Warm hat

· Snack and drink for you and your child

Role of your child at Woodland Toddlers 

It is important that you are ready for fun and adventure! Please bring your creative ideas and be willing to have a go at new challenges. It will be important for you to listen carefully to your friends, parents and carers so we can work together in safety. Remember it is important so keep yourself safe. Remember the children and adults you are with are important, so look after them too. Remember the woods, environment and the equipment we use are important , so we must be careful to take care of it. Are you ready to explore outside?​

What we get up to!

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